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Aim: understand and write a formal letter asking for information.

1. Read the following formal letter and pay attention to the way it is structured:

                                                    Urgell, 54 08007 
                                                    16 May 2001 
    Language Management 
    21 Byron Ave.
    Hampshire SO22 5AT
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I saw your advertisement for a language course in the Heathrow
    Traveller Magazine and I would like some more details about your
    programme. Could you tell me how many students there are in the
    groups and how long the course are?

    Another matter I need information on is the location of the school. 
    I would like to know how far it is from London and how to get to 
    London on public transport. 

    I would appreciate it if you could advice me how much it costs
    and how long it takes. I would also like some clarification about
    the accommodation. Do the host family provide meals?. Also, is it
    possible to use the telephone in the house? 

    Finally, I would be grateful if you could forward me your price 
    list and brochure.  

    Many thanks for your assistance. 
    Yours faithfully, 

    Sergi Dalmau                

A formal letter is divided into different components. Read the following components:


    1. Date
    2. Person or company you are sending the letter to
    3. Complimentary close
    4. Your address
    5. Statement of who is writing and the purpose of the letter
    6. Salutation
    7. Giving and asking further information
    8. Address of the recipient of the letter
    9. Ending paragraph
    10. Signature block

As you can see, they are not in the order they should appear in a letter. Order them in the following exercise:


Now that you know all the components, order all the parts of this letter:



Look at the Salutations and Complimentary closes in the letter above and letter 2 and answer the following questions:

  • Are they the same?


  • What conclusion can you draw from these differences?





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