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Aim: To understand the organization of curriculum vitaes (CV) and develop strategies to write effective curriculums.

You have surely come across many CVs in your life. You may even have had the chance to write some in your native language. According to your perception, which would the best definition for a CV be?

A Curriculum Vitae is:
  1. A selective record of your education, work background, intructor references, certifications, abilities, and anything else relevant to your job search.
  2. A listing of the specific aspects of your background that relate to the specific employment for which you are applying.
  3. A document that identifies the employment position that you are seeking, indicates a desire to have an interview, and lists the dates and times you are available for interview.


Thus, the CV leads to the interview and will help the interviewer remember you after you've left. CVs must do their work quickly. Employers or HR personnel may look through hundreds of applications and may spend only a few seconds reviewing your resume. To get someone to look at it longer, your CV must quickly convey that you are capable and competent enough to be worth interviewing. The more thoroughly you prepare your CV now, the more likely someone is to read it later.

Now, take a look at the following curriculum samples on the field of computing and pay attention to the way they are structured:


  • Is the layout and the number of headings the same in both CVs?

  • What conclusion can you draw from these differences?

    There isn't a standard kind of CV that you can adhere to. You should design your CV depending on the characteristics of the job you are applying for. Every detail, every aspect of your CV depends on who you are, what your background is, what the potential employer is looking for, and what your employment goals are. Since every person's background, employment needs, and career objectives are different they need unique CV designs.

    Thus, write a different, original CV for every employment opportunity you have. Do not just be happy with from some prefabricated design.

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