LSC Lab is a research unit aimed at the description and formal analysis of sign language grammars, with a main focus on the grammar of Catalan Sign Language. As natural languages in a visual-gestural modality, sign languages need to be better understood in order to contribute to our characterization of the human faculty of language. This goal can only be achieved through accurate descriptions and the tools provided by linguistic theory. At the same time, descriptive work feeds the needs in many applied outcomes (teaching, training, etc.) where knowledge about sign language grammar is required.

LSC Lab is hosted by the Department of Translation and Language Sciences of the Pompeu Fabra University, but it also includes members from the Department of General Linguistics of the University of Barcelona. The unit represents the natural follow-up of two funded research projects that were carried out there in 2002 and that have consolitated this research field in Catalonia. It currently features two senior members, two Deaf experts and four doctoral candidates.

In this website we showcase our research activities and results. Please take some time to browse through it to learn what it is all about!