Joana Rosselló


I’m a linguist aiming at knowing the biocognitive foundations of human language.  This has been the focus of either my teaching or my research.

For years and mainly at undergraduate level, I have taught courses in general linguistics, syntax, transformational generative grammar, syntactic typology, first language acquisition and biolinguistics.

As for research, I first worked on the theory of syntax “tout court” (prodrop parameter specially) and, transitorily, on first language acquisition. More recently, keeping on with syntactic research (copular sentences types), I found it convenient to enlarge my focus. Thus, I decided to explore the components that enter the faculty of language from an evolutionary point of view (“combinatorial properties at the roots of language”) and the structure of language in the gestural-visual modality (Catalan Sign Language (LSC) in particular). In relation to this focus of interest, since some years ago, I collaborate on the project that has resulted in the creation of the LSC-Lab (Laboratory for the Catalan Signs Language).