Workshop Program

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April 27, 2014

 (09-00-10:30) Session 1
09:00-09:45Invited Talk: Analytical Approaches to Combining MT Technologies by Hans Uszkoreit
09:45–10:00Using Hypothesis Selection Based Features for Confusion Network MT System Combination
Sahar Ghannay and Loïc Barrault
10:00–10:15Comparing CRF and template-matching in phrasing tasks within a Hybrid MT system
George Tambouratzis
10:15–10:30Controlled Authoring In A Hybrid Russian-English Machine Translation System
Svetlana Sheremetyeva
 (10:30-11:00) Coffee Break
 (11:00-12:45) Session 2
11:00–11:15Using Feature Structures to Improve Verb Translation in English-to-German Statistical MT
Philip Williams and Philipp Koehn
11:15–11:30Building a Spanish-German Dictionary for Hybrid MT
Anne Göhring
11:30–11:45An Empirical Study of the Impact of Idioms on Phrase Based Statistical Machine Translation of English to Brazilian-Portuguese
Giancarlo Salton, Robert Ross and John Kelleher
11:45–12:00Resumptive Pronoun Detection for Modern Standard Arabic to English MT
Stephen Tratz, Clare Voss and Jamal Laoudi
12:00–12:15Automatic Building and Using Parallel Resources for SMT from Comparable Corpora
Santanu Pal, Partha Pakray and Sudip Kumar Naskar
12:15–12:30Improving the precision of automatically constructed human-oriented translation dictionaries
Alexandra Antonova and Alexey Misyurev
 (12:45-14:00) Lunch Break
 (14:00-14:45) Session 3
14:00-14:45Invited Talk: Adventures in Multilingual Parsing by Joakim Nivre
 (15:00-15:30) Industry Session: Added value of hybrid methods in Machine Translation from a commercial perspective - Part 1
15:00-15:30Machine translation for LSPs: strategy and implementation by Maxim Khalilov, bmmt GmbH
 (15:30-16:00) Coffee Break with Poster Session
 A Principled Approach to Context-Aware Machine Translation
Rafael E. Banchs
 Deriving de/het gender classification for Dutch nouns for rule-based MT generation tasks
Bogdan Babych, Jonathan Geiger, Mireia Ginestí Rosell and Kurt Eberle
 Chinese-to-Spanish rule-based machine translation system
Jordi Centelles and Marta R. Costa-jussà
 Extracting Multiword Translations from Aligned Comparable Documents
Reinhard Rapp and Serge Sharoff
 (16:00-18:00) Industry Session: Added value of hybrid methods in Machine Translation from a commercial perspective - Part 2
16:00-16:30SDL Research: bringing research in MT from the lab to the product by Adrià de Gispert, SDL Research
16:30-17:00SYSTRAN RBMT Engine: hybridization experiments by Josep M. Crego, SYSTRAN
17:00-17:30How to overtake Google in MT quality - the Baltic case by Andrejy Vasiljevs, Tilde
17:30-18:00Hybrid Strategies for better products and shorter time-to-market by Kurt Eberle, Lingenio GmbH
 (18:00-18:15) Concluding Remarks and Discussion