Programa del Workshop d'UR-Ling 2013

Dijous, 6 de juny de 2013


10.30-11.00Syllabic prominence and language contact: Occitan-French vs. Occitan-Italian.
Rafèu Sichel-Bazin (GrEP)
11.00-11.30From Ancora constituent structures to consistent dependency trees for temporal parsing.
Benjamin Kolz (GLICom)
12.00-12.30Psych predicates in Spanish and Japanese.
Ayumi Shimoyoshi (GLiF)
12.30-13.00Phonological development in speech production during a study abroad.
Pilar Avello (ALLENCAM)
13.00-13.30A theory of the syntax of quotation.
Eugenio Martin Vigo (GLiF)

15.00-15:30Young infants rely on prosody and gesture shape to understand why the adult is pointing.
Núria Esteve Gibert (GrEP)
15.30-16:00Evaluating development in EFL writing from multiple perspectives: measuring the effects of study abroad.
Elisa Barquin (ALLENCAM)