The project

Nocando: a multilingual corpus of spontaneous oral speech for the study of non-canonical constructions.

The Nocando corpus was created within the project NOCANDO: Construcciones no canónicas en el discurso oral: estudio transversal y comparativo, HUM2004-04463 (2004-2007), Principal Investigator: Enric Vallduví.

The NOCANDO project’s goal was to establish a crosslinguistically taxonomy of noncanonical constructions (NOCANs). The languages studied and compared are Catalan, Spanish, Italian, English, and German.

The NOCANDO corpus is made of spoken narrative texts. It was created by recording free picture-based narrations of native speakers in the languages mentioned above. The texts were transcribed, annotated and aligned, using the Praat software. At the moment only parts of the corpus are available in annotated and aligned form.