Victoria Camacho

I’ve been a professor of General Linguistics at the University of Seville since 1998. Currently, I teach classes for students in the Spanish and English language degrees and in the Official Masters Program of Teaching Spanish and other modern languages as foreign languages (MASELE). In addition to this, I teach classes in sign language linguistics in the official masters program of sign language teaching and interpreting at the University of Valladolid.

My interest in Spanish Sign Language (LSE) began at the University of Seville in 2002 when we first organized the LSE university extension courses which, shortly afterwards, turned into organizing graduate courses such as Expert in LSE and Masters in LSE teaching. As a researcher, I am especially interested in the information structure of sign languages and, for this reason, I am participating in the Spanish Ministry project Clause combining in sign languages: the grammar of complex sentences in Catalan Sign Language in a cross-linguistic and cross-modal perspective led by Josep Quer.

I thoroughly enjoy studying language from the cognitive science view point and, from this approach, I have publications on pronominal clitics in Romance and Slavic languages, focalization, the origins of language, Theory of Mind, Relevance Theory, aphasia and Agrammatism. I like learning about other work methods, ways of thinking and seeing life. For these reasons I’ve tried to carry out research and participate in continuing education at diverse universities such as University of Essex (2011), Harvard University (2005), MIT (2005), Universidad Politécnica de Nicaragua (2004), Universidad Centro Americana (2004), University of Illinois (1999) o Anglia Ruskin University (1994).

Currently, I am co-editor of the journal Iberia: An International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics and a member of the University Institute of Studies on Latin America at the University of Seville. I have also acted as secretary for the journal Philologia Hispalensis.


Official Masters in teaching of Spanish as a second language and of other modern languages (MASELE)

Masters in sign language teaching and interpreting

Iberia: An International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics

Instituto Universitario de Estudios sobre América Latina de la Universidad de Sevilla