Work plan

a. Main objectives of the Action:
        -preparation of a blue print for reference grammars of sign languages (SL)
        -development of methodological guidelines for SL research
        -development of elicitation materials for SL research
        -cooperation of SL research teams
        -training of young SL researchers

b. Intended impact of the Action:
        -development of scientifically grounded tool(s) in SL research
        -raising awareness and statuses of SLs and their linguistic communities
        -incorporating SL description in linguistic research

c. The Action will be carried out by the following bodies:
        Management Committee (MC)
        Work Groups (WG)
        Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM)
        Core group (Chair, Vice-chair, WG coordinators, STSM Coordinator)

d.  Output and dissemination of results and activities
        -SL reference grammar blueprint
        -methodological guidelines
        -repository of grammar elicitation material(s)
        -creation of a web site
        -scholarly articles
        -conference presentations
        -mentoring national applications of SL grammar development
        -reaching out to Deaf communities

These bodies hold scheduled meetings. In addition to their scheduled meetings, members of the MC and WGs are in contact regularly over the network.