LSC Lab. who are we?

LSC Lab. Qui som?

The LSC LAB is linked to the Department of Translation and Interpreting of the Pompeu Fabra University, and is part of the Formal Linguistics Group (GliF). It also has a stable collaboration with the General Linguistics Department of the University of Barcelona and, since quite recently, with the University of Sevilla. It is formed by senior researchers, predoctoral research students and signing deaf experts. Together, we carry out the research supported through competitive projects, and we focus in the study of several aspects of the grammar of LSC, as you can see in this web page, and we publish our results in international and national conferences. With our work, we try to bring to the research in sign language the deserved interest from our colleagues in linguistics, and also from the general public.

We maintain regular and close collaborations with several groups mainly in Europe, and more specifically with those in Amsterdam, Göttingen, Milano and Paris. Currently we are leading and participating in the European COST network, dedicated to the confection of a reference model in the development of the grammars of Sign Languages. At the same time, at an individual level, we have established collaborations with other departments and institutions, as the Institut d'Estudis Catalans, as well as with FESOCA and other Deaf entities. Additionally, the pedagogical task of some of us in the degrees of Translation and Interpreting, and Applied Linguistics, and in the Master of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics of the UPF allows us to contribute to them with the results of our research.